Sunday, 31 August 2014

Doodly ding-dong tick tock.

I love Dethklok more than I love you.
Evan, Seth, and Fogell  from one of my favorite films ever. Bless their idiot baby hearts.

'It doesn't have a first name, it just says McLovin!'

edit: Oh the theme was tv show, not movie. Sit tight I will be back.

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Theme 23

So without further ado it is time for the new topic. Whether it be Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, PowerPuff Girls or Adventure Time you are given the chance to show your appreciation for some of your TV favourites. So the new theme is....

"Favourite character or scene from a TV show"

Have fun

T-Shirt Competition Winner

A very well done to Shane Sadlier who is the winner of the Bouldermedia Tee-Competition that has been running the last few weeks. Shane took all the staff in the studio and turned each and every one into a creature. A job well done Shane.
Not to forget about the other fantastic entries. They were really something else, so a pat on the back for the rest of you too!

T_Shirt Design

Blue Whale

I felt that blue whales were under-represented in the submissions, so here we are.


I am not Nick and would not like to put the responsibility of these designs on him but I haven't worked out how to post as me yet so here we are.

And there's not much to say now apart from having more time I would have edited bits and pieces here and there, should I have the title logo on the back or on the sleeves, life is just so full of decisions.  

Either way the drawings wouldn't have been any better.

T-shirt competition

I like the fact that Boulder has a wealth of extremely talented individuals who work very hard and whose output is always top notch, no matter what hurdles they have to over come.