Tuesday, 5 November 2019

New Theme-Christmas

Without delay we will start our November/December theme for the Artblog with an open Christmas theme. Anyone stuck for an idea maybe take inspiration from some of these Christmas Movies.

-Nightmare Before Christmas
-The Snowman
-Willie Wonka's Chocolate Factory

The deadline will be 18th December.

Gill, Nick and Finnbar.

Halloween Winner

A huge well done to Deirdre Behan and her Autumnal EFX animated piece for the Halloween theme. She done it again and won first prize.

Thursday, 31 October 2019

“Cup of tea with my love”

The most anticipated night of the year for this old widower!
(Which happens to be on the same day as Halloween)

(this is an old illustration from a few years ago!)

It's Just a Bunch of Hocus Pocus

You know, I’ve always wanted a child.  And now I think I’ll have one.  On toast!!

Wednesday, 18 September 2019

New Theme September/October- Halloween

Boulder Artbloggers!!!

It's time for one of our most popular themes of the year Halloween. We decided to give a bit more time on this one, so starting this week 18th September until October 31st.
Here are a few ideas for anyone stuck:

-Monster Mash
-Love at First Fright
-Mad Masquerade
-Cosmos and Cauldrons

Happy Artblogging!!

Star Signs Winner

A huge congratulations to Chrystian Cattaneo on his super fun Aries submission and win for our Star Signs theme. Just fantastic!!!
There will be a prize on its way to Hawkins Street in the coming weeks Chrystian!!!

Stay tuned for our next theme folks!

Wednesday, 28 August 2019

Monday, 8 July 2019

New Theme July 2019

Theme new theme for July on the Artblog will be "Star Signs". Be as creative as you like and we are really looking forward to seeing the submissions this month. You have until August 5th to get your artwork up! Happy Artblogging!

June 2019 Winner

And the very deserving winner of the June Theme "Dogs" and the Bouldermedia Art Blog Auction in aid of Dogs Trust dogs rescue is Rachel Wilson with her beautiful ink on paper Greyhound. This piece was in very high demand at our auction a few weeks back. We raised a total of 1400 euro for charity and couldn't be happier helping our furry friends.
You can check out more on what Dogs Trust do here

Friday, 21 June 2019


Another lovely piece by Rohana Mentz, this time a digital print. Thanks Ro!

Puppy Magnets

These are a set of 3 illustrated magnets by Sara Giuffredi. Adorbs!

Screen Print

This is our lovely Rohana very first ever screenprint up for grabs at auction!!!


Another wonderful piece from Racel Wilson. Up for auction at lunchtime today!!!

Dirty Paws

Check out Aidan McAteers watercolour on paper. Love the dirty paw prints leaking out onto the frame. Lovely touch!

Wooden Pup Toy

This is Nadia Cardoso amazingly unique wooden toy sculpture that moves. Incredible work Nadia!
Also will be up for Auction today to raise money for Dogs Trust


A lot of Corgis "The Sausage Dog" and how I made it!

Thursday, 20 June 2019

King of the Babas

Keith Byrne submitted his King of the Babas digi print for the auction. Nice one Keith!!!

Animal Alphabet

This is Carole Fannons Animal Alphabet for the auction also. Amazing! Thanks Carole.

PomPom Pups

These are Grainne Quinlans totally unique and adorable PomPom Pups will be sold separatly at auction tomorrow.

Obedient Lab

This is Amanda Hughes watercolour pieces for the Art Auction. Great stuff!

Follow the Leader

This is Jonatan Rices' adorable piece, ink on paper for the auction!

But He's So Fluffy!

This is Dave Leahy's Harry Potter tribute and it's pretty amazing. Pencil on paper and is a larger piece for the Boulder auction tomorrow.

Little Oni Monster

This is my little Oni or mini daemon needle felted for the Dog Friendly Boulder Auction tomorrow. He is really tiny!!!

Wednesday, 19 June 2019

My Friend Sam

The best classmate ever would be a big floofy Samoy dog named Sam!

Summer Evenings

This is Estrela Lourenco's ink and paper submission for the Artblog Auction. This is an image from Estrelas book too!!!! Thanks Estrela it's super cute :)

Roxie McTerrier

This is Lauren Coxs' submission for this months theme along with the Artblog Auction. Its a crochet amigurumi of Roxie McTerrier from LPS...awesome!