Saturday, 29 November 2014


I had fun working on Randy.
It tested my limits.. like this piece! I wasn't aiming for the 3Dish look at the beginning, but that's what I got. Also the background should have been a cool explosion, but at that point I was pretty worn-out..

Thursday, 27 November 2014

McFist Syndicate

Submission to the Randy Cunningham theme this month.

Decided to do something in a Sin City style for this, with McFist, Marci and a robot ape obsessing over their ultimate goal.  Not entirely satisfied with how this came out (as opposed to what was in my head) since I didn't give myself much time to go over every last detail like I usually would.  But in terms of style and composition I guess there's only one Frank Miller.

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Ninja Trash

None of these are my SUBMISSION i'm just posting old work for fun, but here's some of my ninja trash from the last couple of years of work. I am trash and this is trash. It's good to be trash.

 Kidneystone and Crystalised Porkfat are my favourite gems.Funfact: Kidneystone isnt a jem. He just has severe kidneystones

 *** I the administrator, have hijacked Claire's post to add a link to her wonderful portfolio of work. She is not getting away that easily. You can check out more of Claire's work here ***

Paul-Randy and Howard

Here's a sweet little piece of Best Bros' Randy and Howard from one of the Directors on Randy Cunningham, Paul O' Flanagan! More of Paul's work can be seen here

Dirk-Howard and the Ninja

These couple of pieces were done by a guy called Dirk (Eric) Schultz. They are so Super Bruce we had to share. You can check out much more of what Dirk gets up to here and here. Thanks Dirk for allowing us share these images with the crew. Very impressive and expressive work!

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Move over, it's Ninja time!

This is a good time to thank all the people at Boulder for inspiring, sharing knowledge and giving a supportive pat on the back when you need it! :D

Here are a 3 old ones, definitely going to throw up something new when I get the chance  :D


Here is a beautiful sculpture of the Ninja by one of our former  Danish animators Karen Rohde Johansson. Karen made this for another one of our animators in the studio. You can find more of Karens work here

Verna-Randy Cunningham

Let's get the Ninja ball rolling here with 3 piece's from Verna Jaaskinen, from Helsinki, Finland but currently living and working in Ireland. Verna worked with us as a BG artist on Season 1 of Randy. You can check out more of Verna's work over on her tumblr here

Randy Cunningham 9th- Grade Ninja

We started Randy Cunningham-9th Grade Ninja way back in 2011. And as we approached the end of Season 2 we decided it was about time we paid homage to the show. So without further ado, our next blog theme will be

Randy Cunningham 9th Grade Ninja 

I'll be posting some of the images, sculptures and fanart we have collected from some varied artists, some of which have worked with Boulder, some who are just Superfans from around the globe who have paid tribute to the show over the years. So stay tuned....This should be fun!