Tuesday, 24 July 2012

News Flash!!

We interupt....

......this blog posting to announce that the "Monster in my Closet" theme will be extended until the 6th of August due to the exasperating amount of work people have put into the Animation Art Auction and into Randy Cunningham over the last few weeks (months even). By popular demand, the theme will be on going for a couple more weeks as people really all seem quite interested in posting something but have been just run off their little tootsies!!!

Be There Yo!

And just in case you still weren't aware of the "Animation Art Auction" check it out here....not naming names Adam...Ahem!!!
This Sunday in the Science Gallery, Pierce Street, Dublin. Doors 12.30. Bring yourself and any friends you have that have lots of cash to spend for a great cause and sure it'll be lots of fun.
Best of luck Simon, Estrela and Bianca, we hope the day goes really well for you all and you raise a whopper load of cash.

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Duracell Bunny

This is so Awesome!!! Jenny mailed me her embroidered Duracell Bunny Power Animal post this morning. It is a shame she missed the deadline.

So Coool!

Monday, 2 July 2012


All a bit Fuzzy

Not only is he a new Daddy but now he is this months winner of the "Power Animal" theme. Getting in at the last minute with his second post, "Fuzzball" was well worth it. Check out McGanns stunning blog here.

Well done Stephen!!!
Congrats also to our runners up Grainne Quinlan and John Walsh, and everyone else who posted something....I tell ya, it was really hard voting this month.

July, Theme 4

Hi There,

The next theme for y'all is.

"Monsters in my Closet"
Manuela's was the chosen one for July, thank you!

I love the aul Monsters so can't wait to see the entries at the end of this month. Yeahy

Also, as you all know Simon, Estrela and Bianca are doing the Art Auction again in July on a much bigger scale. Check out the blog page for more details...here

They have asked that maybe this months theme could be your submission to the Auction itself or if you have been working on a separate piece that would be amazing too!

The main thing is to get submissions in ontime....it's all for a great cause.


number 2

Asian Water Buffalo

Here is an Asian Water Buffalo. With a glass of milk for strong bones. One of the earliest domesticated animals in the world for their strength and for their milk. That makes them pretty cool. Humans have a lot to thank them for! A bit rushed towards the end but oh well. It's been a busy month!

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Turtle Power!

Had 2 other things I was doing for this, but threw my back out today... so i'm posting this sketch instead.

Circus Bear

Felt and photoshop. I didn't have the time to sew it... sorry!

Survival Skills

This months theme made me think of totem poles, and a rather meandering chain of thought led to this.

Mr T centaur

Done the night before.... LIKE A BOSS. My laziest, most rushed submission so far.

But if there's an animal more powerful than MR T CENTAUR, I would very much like to know.

Power Cat