Tuesday, 24 July 2012

News Flash!!

We interupt....

......this blog posting to announce that the "Monster in my Closet" theme will be extended until the 6th of August due to the exasperating amount of work people have put into the Animation Art Auction and into Randy Cunningham over the last few weeks (months even). By popular demand, the theme will be on going for a couple more weeks as people really all seem quite interested in posting something but have been just run off their little tootsies!!!

Be There Yo!

And just in case you still weren't aware of the "Animation Art Auction" check it out here....not naming names Adam...Ahem!!!
This Sunday in the Science Gallery, Pierce Street, Dublin. Doors 12.30. Bring yourself and any friends you have that have lots of cash to spend for a great cause and sure it'll be lots of fun.
Best of luck Simon, Estrela and Bianca, we hope the day goes really well for you all and you raise a whopper load of cash.

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