Monday, 3 September 2012

I would just like to thank...E.T


And the winner in Augusts Hall of Fame is one me in otherwords(scarlet). You can check out Gill' my blog here if one so wishes. Thanks for all the votes peoples. I swear it wasn't a fix!! Congrats also to Nick Lennox and Simon Kelleghan who were the runners up. ALL the pieces were flippin fantastic so I am vey humbled to have won.



  1. Well done Gill, superb art and emotion always guaranteed!

  2. Thanks lads, it was abit of a suprise but bloody chuffed I am.
    Look forward to seeing your next posts.

  3. I love this! It really makes me emotional, I love this movie so much and your art skills :D

  4. Thanks Starry Star. It's all very emotional at the Bouldermedia Art Blog T,he,he! I am really glad you guys felt I captured the emotion of the film. It was super important that I didn't kill it. I loved E.T and Elliot's relationship. I cry every time I watch this film.

    E.T.: Come...
    Elliot: [solemnly] Stay...
    E.T.: [puts his finger to his glowing heart] Ouch.
    Elliot: [mimics the same action, tearfully] Ouch.
    E.T.: [E.T. and Elliot embrace each other, then E.T. puts his glowing finger to Elliot's forehead] I'll... be... right... here.
    Elliot: [tearfully] ... bye.