Friday, 3 May 2013

Baby Slow Loris

Baby Slow Loris in a tree. These poor little mites are on the endangered species list cause people think they are so cute they want them as pet.. Dopes!!!! Watched a documentary on them a few weeks back and they are fascinating little creatures but it's all very sad.
It is also very sad that I had a nightmare trying to colour and finish the damn picture so I say F**k it the sketch is better then knowt.

Loris Behaviour: These guys secret a toxin from their underarm glands that they lick and mix with their own saliva. They lick themselves and their young with this toxic saliva to protect themselves from predators and parasites. You get a bite off a Slow Loris and your in a bit of trouble and can be left pretty badly scared from the toxin mixing in the wound.

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