Wednesday, 8 January 2014

May the Force be with you Jamie

So for me Christmas is the time of big movie releases, and last I heard the new Star Wars movie would come out in 2015? So I'm guessing they will aim for a Christmas release.... please give us something worthy of the name Star Wars.

In the meantime it would be great if the folks at Titmouse would give us a crossover episode between Randy and Star Wars, I want to draw some lightsaber action!  As tradition commands this is a late entry, so I didn't have the time to color in between the lines, but I managed to squeeze in Jamie in a stormtrooper costume and make Randy fangirls' fantasy come to life and let Randy(Anakin) hook up with Heidi (Padme).


  1. WHaat?? McFist's robot arm is not on the good side! ;) but this is class

    1. hehe, that arm just looks cooler. Damn you for spotting it :P

  2. This is amazing ....I am sending this to Scott Thomas!!!!! He will love it :)