Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Bouldermedia T-Shirt Competition-Theme 22

Yo BoulderCrew!

So, we are going to be doing something slightly different for Theme 22. We think it is about time we had a crew t-shirt made up. So this is your opportunity to show us what your made of (not that we don't know how talented you bunch are already) and come up with a unique design to represent the studio. It would be great to steer towards something that is definitively Boulder, whether you incorporate past, present and future shows but keeping it classy as it will represent us as a crew(not naming names...Rob Fletcher :) !!!!). All information you need will be in the Artblog folder on the server. Vector Bouldermedia Logo and T-Shirt template etc.
The deadline is the 12th of July, so make sure to have all submissions posted to the Artblog not later then that date. Voting on the winner will be done like we usually do for the Artblog themes. With a VERY special prize for the winner.

Really looking forward to seeing what you all come up with for this.


  1. I wont stand for these salacious insinuations!!

  2. Predication: Deadline will need to be extended by a month :)

  3. I believe you might be right Dave