Thursday, 27 November 2014

McFist Syndicate

Submission to the Randy Cunningham theme this month.

Decided to do something in a Sin City style for this, with McFist, Marci and a robot ape obsessing over their ultimate goal.  Not entirely satisfied with how this came out (as opposed to what was in my head) since I didn't give myself much time to go over every last detail like I usually would.  But in terms of style and composition I guess there's only one Frank Miller.


  1. Boggled why you left out Viceroy, yet have a robo-ape in this.

    1. Originally it was Viceroy on the right, only I felt that he didn't fit in well with that character it was based on so I figured a Robo Ape would work better. Then again I could have had him implied somewhere.

  2. Great tribute piece! If there's a s3 of Randy, they'd need to include a noir story like this.