Wednesday, 4 April 2018

NEW THEME-April 2018 "Your Avatar"

Moving swiftly on to April....

There's a new film just out called Ready Player One (I've not seen it yet but have heard pretty good things about it). Here's the link to the trailer

So this months theme is.... "Your Avatar"
We want you to design your own avatar for visiting the 'Oasis' (like in the trailer). This can be characters that exist already, ones that you want to design yourself or even a mix of the two. 

How would you get around as well (the guy in the film uses the car from 'Back to the Future') you could also create some transport if you wanted, again using pre-existing designs, your own or a mix. Let your mind run riot.

We look forward to seeing some more really exciting entries.

The Deadline for this will be Tuesday the 8th of May

Happy geeking!!

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